Transportation FAQ

Q    What if my child misses the bus?
A     Call the transportation center immediately at 317-873-1237.

Q    How do I find out what school my child would attend?
A    There is a list of subdivision by school located on the Department of Transportation's web page.  You can also call the Transportation Center at 317-873-1237.

Q    How do I get my student assigned to a bus stop? 
A    Check “Bus Route and Bus Stop Information”on the webpage.

Q    I am a new resident what do I do?
A    Check the Department of Transportation web page under “Bus Route and Bus Stop Information”

Q    Who do I call if my student is not riding the bus I need to report that to their driver?
A     Call the Transportation Center at 317-873-1237.

Q    What time does my child need to be at their bus stop?
A     5 minutes before their designated stop time.

Q    Will the bus leave my child if my child is not waiting at his/her bus stop?
A    Yes, the student must be waiting at their designated stop.