Student Conduct

Appropriate student conduct is critical in creating a safe environment for all students being transported.  If there is an incident on the bus, or anything witnessed at the drop-off/pick-up point the following steps will be used to assist in the resolution of the incident:

Step 1

We ask our professional drivers to meet with the student and if the student agrees to be cooperative, simply document the meeting as a first step.  If the student does not cooperate, go directly to step two.  The professional driver may assign a student a seat if it is in the best interest of the student and/or the safety of all concerned.  If a seat is assigned, the professional driver is asked to document this fact on the standard write-up form. The majority of behavior related issues would be handled by this step.

Step 2

Call the parent and ask for their assistance.  Each individual professional driver could use their own approach, but this method of asking parents for assistance is tried and proven.  Our professional drivers are asked to document the call, as well as the parents response on the standard write up form. 

At this time the transportation office will assist the professional driver to determine if we also need to go to Step 3, by notifying the school.  This will be determined on the facts of the case and the response from the parents.                                                              

Step 3

If our professional driver has an incident involving two or more students where they believe that one student may have struck another student, or some such similar event, then they are requested to bypass Step 1 and to follow the procedures in Step 2 as well as the following:  After the transportation office along with the professional driver has reviewed the tape, then the professional driver will make an appointment with the appropriate person in the appropriate school.  The professional driver will take the tape to the school as well as the documentation of parent phone calls, and/or student meetings.

The school personnel will get back to the professional driver and discuss with them how the situation was resolved.  It should be understood that the school is responsible for the final resolution of the incident.  

ImportantàThe professional driver will maintain confidentiality about all incidents.

Step 4

If there is an incident that in the opinion of a professional driver warrants a serious safety infraction that makes it impossible to continue with the route, the professional driver is to find a safe location to stop the bus and radio the transportation office for assistance. This should be understood that this would not be something that would happen very often, if at all. 


Bus Safety Rules

     1. The professional driver will assign seats in the interest of student safety.

     2. The student should be seated, facing forward and should not change seats while the bus is moving.

     3. The student will keep their voice to a normal speaking level.

     4. The student will not use inappropriate language.

     5. The back two seats may only be used with permission and the professionaldriver.

     6. The professional driver may give permission to lower individual windows to an appropriate level.

     7. The professional driver may or may not give permission to have food or drink on the bus if the student cooperates with keeping the bus clean.