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Looking Forward With A Plan


Dear Zionsville Community Schools Community Members:Zionsville Community Schools


Did you know the combined population of Zionsville and Whitestown has more than doubled since 2010? There are many more children attending our schools now than ever before.


Over the last several years, Zionsville Community Schools has closely monitored enrollment growth and its impact on facilities and student programs. ZCS engaged architectural consultants to determine facility needs and enrollment capacity. They found that some of our schools will be over capacity as soon as next year; all elementary schools and our high school will be at or over capacity by 2023.


As the lowest funded school districts per pupil in the state, we face many challenges due to increasing enrollment. We have striven and have been successful in meeting our commitments to the community--offering nationally competitive educational opportunities for students as cost-effectively as possible, protecting class sizes and property values.


This website is intended to provide residents of the school community (Eagle and Union Townships including all of Zionsville and the Eagle Township portion of Whitestown) with information you need about our planning and the input, questions, and suggestions of nearly 2,000 taxpayers we have engaged in presentations across the past 18 months. Please use this website as a resource, and if you have any questions, please contact me at


Thank you for your consideration.


Scott Robison
Dr. Scott Robison