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What Was the Process?


What was the Process?


Community engagement began in early 2018 as Zionsville Community Schools presented the results of facilities studies, demographic projects, and financial projections to 550 parents in five schools.


During 2017, ZCS Board of Trustees and the administrative leadership team began discussions about the impact that increasing enrollment would have on the district. Facility study had been ongoing since 2015, and these groups began to plan for accommodating additional students in ways that would allow ZCS to continue providing excellent growth opportunities for the community’s youth.


Engagement with community members continued in the 2018-2019 school year during a major “State of the Schools” event at the Zionsville Town Hall sponsored by the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, via eight community forum meetings and discussions in the spring of 2019, presentations and Q & A with the Town Councils of Zionsville and Whitestown, presentations at service clubs, and public meeting presentations and discussions with the ZCS Board of Trustees, the latest information and perspectives on the ZCS growth challenge have been shared.  During this same period of time, district leaders made staff presentations about district enrollment growth in more than ten sessions educating faculty and staff throughout the school district. In total, the district has reached more than 1400 community members this school year alone. .


In an effort to reach as many families and community members throughout the district as possible, a community forum meeting was held in each of the eight ZCS school buildings. These forum meetings offered leaders in Zionsville Community Schools an opportunity to share with parents and residents about enrollment growth and its impact on Zionsville Community Schools. The audience then had a chance to ask questions of leaders from Zionsville Community Schools. (Those questions and answers can be found in a Frequently Asked Questions document located here.)


The Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) demographic study predicts enrollment growth of 200+ new students per year for the next decade, and Zionsville Community Schools has a plan to address this rapid growth. The goal of the community forum meetings was to share the district’s plan for growth and answer any questions about future planning.


Details from each forum meeting can be found on the Community Forum Presentation dropdown.



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