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Referendum Information - Why Now?

Now is the perfect time to address our challenges, for these key reasons:

  1. Strong schools’ equal strong property values
  2. Our schools are nearly full, and we need more space to address enrollment growth
  3. An investment now keeps our schools competitive


Strong schoolsFamily

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Our area’s population is increasing because we’re an attractive place to live, and strong schools are a major factor for families when they choose where to live. This goes to the core of our promises when voters initially approved our operating levy in 2012 (and renewed it in 2015). We promised to protect class sizes and property values, and we’ve done that. Did you know that numerous Realtor studies nationwide show property values are higher near good schools? This referendum will allow us to continue to deliver on these promises.


CafeteriaFull schools
Some facts:
-The population of our communities has roughly doubled since 2010.
-Enrollment in the school district has increased by 3,000 since 2006, and will continue to grow by 200 students annually for at least another decade.
-Facilities studies show that all of our elementary schools will be full by 2023 with some being over capacity much sooner than that.


ZCS has a history of proactively addressing our challenges, and our community has given us high marks for how we manage the business of operating schools. Investing in additional space to accommodate increasing enrollment is something the community expects of us.


Keeping competitive

Our neighboring school corporations are seeing similar growth, and their voters have approved referenda, allowing the likes of New ConstructionWestfield, Carmel, HSE, Noblesville and more to build facilities to address growth.


The two referendum questions proposed by ZCS is more than keeping up with the Joneses – this is addressing a real need in order to continue to provide excellent class sizes, programs and services to our students.