High School (9-12) Program Overview

At Zionsville Community High School, we provide a rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare students for advanced course work at the secondary and post-secondary level.   We offer a variety of advanced courses designed to challenge and prepare students.  High ability students at the freshman level may qualify to take English 9 Advanced Curriculum, Geometry Honors, and Algebra II Honors if they meet the required criteria for placement. The freshman advanced courses provide accelerated pacing, rigor, and enrichment allowing students to explore topics in greater depth.  Students who are successful in an advanced course possess strong language arts and/or math skills, a high degree of self-motivation, and the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively. All of these courses are based on the Indiana Academic Standards and fulfill the Indiana Core 40 and Academic Honors graduation requirements.   Beyond freshman year, high ability students can advance into accelerated and AP English and mathematic coursework along with multiple other AP courses.  Over half of all ZCS graduating seniors typically graduate with college credit in at least one or more subjects, most often through either a dual-credit offering with a university or credit received through AP examinations.  High ability high school students with questions about appropriate options and prerequisites for placement should consult their school counselor.