Advanced Curriculum » Students New to Zionsville Schools (5-8)

Students New to Zionsville Schools (5-8)

Screening Process for New Middle School Students

A student enrolling in Zionsville Community Schools may be considered for placement in the middle school High Ability Program if he or she meets the criteria specified to participate.  
The parent must first enroll the student in a Zionsville school and provide proof of residency.  Copies of the student’s most recent standardized tests must be submitted to the school in which the student is enrolling.  Testing records will be requested from the former school.  However, to expedite the placement process, parents may submit these records as well.  

Information should include:
  • Reading, language, and math test scores from a recognized standardized test such as NWEA, Stanford Achievement Test, California Test of Basic Skills, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or Woodcock Johnson.
  • Ability (IQ) test score from a recognized test such as the Cognitive Skills Index, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Wisc III, Stanford Binet, or Naglieri.
  • Name, address, and phone number of the previous school.
  • Name, address, and phone numbers of a teacher who can be reached for a recommendation prior to registration.
  • Student’s name, parent’s name, summer address, phone number and school the student will attend in Zionsville.
  • After a review of the data, the parents will be contacted if further testing for mathematics or foreign language placement needs to be arranged.
New Students Who Are Already Formally Identified as High Ability (Gifted)


If your child has already been identified as a high ability student in another school district, he or she will also be considered for a similar placement in Zionsville Community Schools upon enrollment. Each school district in Indiana establishes an identification plan for high ability that is appropriate for that district’s student population. It is very possible that a student who is qualified as high ability in one district may or may not qualify in another district.

When you enroll your child at the middle school level, his or her records will be reviewed to determine if your former school district used criteria similar to what is used by ZCS and what placement would be most appropriate here in ZCS to ensure continued academic success. If your child’s ability and achievement levels meet or exceed the ZCS standards for high ability identification, then he or she will be identified as a high ability student.
If it is determined that your child does not currently meet the ZCS standards for high ability, then he or she will be reconsidered each spring.
Placement Decisions
If we find that a student is not mastering the content and is in need of different coursework, a student's placement may be changed after discussion with the teacher, student, parent, counselor and/or HA coordinator. 

A parent of a student who requests the council to reconsider their decision is asked to complete an appeal form stating the reasons why he/she feels that the student should be included in the class.  The high ability council will review the student’s record and the appeal form, and inform the parent in writing of the decision.  Appeals must be filed according to the dates on the appeal form.  Copies of the appeal form with due dates are available on the district’s website.