Additional Parent Resources

Required State High Ability Plans: 

Motivating Underachievers

Navigating the World of Friendships

By Amy Rexroth, Psy.D, HSPP, Clinical Psychologist 

Differentiating Instruction-Kingore

Document offers differentiation strategies.

High Achiever

Document offers ways to distinguish high achievers, gifted learners, and creative thinkers

Comparison Bright Child Gifted Learner

Document offers a comparison chart between a bright and gifted child

Parent Gifted Children

Document offers 20 tips for parenting gifted children

High Ability-Social & Emotional

Document offers guidance for identifying social and emotional characteristics  article, “Leveled Readers Let Readers Learn at Their Own Pace"

Article helps parents match their children to the right books at the right time.

Northwestern Center for Talent Development

Site offers programs through Northwestern University for high ability students (K-12), summer programs and Talent Search.

Scholastic Book Wizard

Site offers leveled book suggestions by category.

Prufrock Press Inc

This site is a publishers clearing house for magazines, journals, college textbooks, and other various resource books allowing teachers and parents many choices of reading materials.
This is the Indiana Association for the Gifted website. This site has information on conferences and links government sites, parent groups and a message board.  It publishes a quarterly newsletter and holds an annual convention for parents, teachers, and administrators.
American Association for Gifted Children
The American Association for Gifted Children, the first voluntary non-profit organization in the United States devoted exclusively to the needs of gifted , talented, and creative children, was founded in 1946 by Dr. Ruth Strang and Miss Pauline Williamson. The Association assists in developing special materials for parents and community leaders and in encouraging studies, conferences, scholarships, and other services related to the development of the gifted.
National Association for Gifted Children is an organization of educators, parents, and community people interested in the development of gifted people. The Association serves as a communication network for people seeking information related to giftedness. The Association publishes several books and pamphlets as well as a quarterly journal and newsletter.
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books and links.