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Strong in Every Way

Strong in Every Way
 Elevating a community's human capital through awareness, attentiveness to opportunities, and partnerships.

Jessica Lahey Book StudyThe Gift of Failure Book Study
Join the book study by clicking below!
 Due to the high demand for our, The Gift of Failure, book study groups,
ZCS has decided to offer an online book study through our Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas.

The author, Jessica Lahey,  will be speaking at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) in Zionsville on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm.


Two books studies leading up to this event are filled to capacity. Therefore, we have added a Virtual Book Study so more parents can join the conversation.   This book study is free and will take place virtually via discussion on the Canvas page.


To register for the virtual book study, participants first need to create a Parent Observer account

in Canvas.  Please click here for directions to create an account.


Once a Parent Observer account is created, please click here to complete the form to be added to

the Jessica Lahey Virtual Book Study.


We will be in touch the week prior to the book study with additional details regarding the virtual book study. Please join us!  

A 4-week book study leading up to her speaking engagement will be held at the Educational Services Center (ESC) starting Thursday, February 16. There will be a morning session and an evening session. The book study is free and limited to 10 participants per session. Click the link below to register for either the morning or evening book study sessions. 
Please join us!

Jessica Lahey

Jessica Lahey is coming to Zionsville!


Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure,

will be speaking at the Performing Arts Center (PAC)

in Zionsville on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 6:00pm.

Tickets are only $20 each and will go quickly. Get yours today!


Please join us for this important event.

To purchase tickets, click here


Resilient young people grow into able and contributing adult citizens
who are truly life-ready. 
Zionsville Community Schools seeks to foster specific strengths through
focus in three domains of non-cognitive skill and asset development.
Strong in Every Way Domains

Strong in Every Way is an aspirational human capital campaign conceived in mid-2016 to ensure optimum non-cognitive skills growth, grit, resilience and depth of understanding for all ZCS students. If Strong in Every Way (SIEW) were a (construction/fiscal) capital campaign, we would be building something new, or amassing the resources to do so—you know, aspiring to construct the future of a campus somewhere. This squares with SIEW in campaign concepts, but the lifelong differences for our youth are profound. Three domains define Strong in Every Way: 1) Developing Webs of Support, 2) Developing Assets and Resources, and 3) Developing Cultural Understandings.  Unlike the case with construction capital campaigns, our blueprints are malleable. No one can pre-determine the square footage of a young person’s dreams. People and systems of success and excellence are not a place or destination. But builders all are we. Let’s be attentive to one and to all. Let’s let no child in this place be anchorless, fallen then trampled while unnoticed or ostracized such that negative defining moments limit potential in the making. Choosing the people, ideas, and ways in which we will be collectively purposeful is daunting. It requires a movement. It requires a campaign. A human capital campaign. You can help a child be strong in every way. We all can!