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ZCS Standards for Assessment of Learning

Principle #1:  Assessments should inform learners and teachers about what learners know and are able to do. Assessments should be consistently well-designed to ensure they accurately measure learning. 

Principle #2:  Progress reports/report cards should clearly and purely communicate students’ current mastery level of course standards. 

Principle #3:  Frequent, timely, specific formative feedback should inform students about their learning/work.  Teachers use information gained from formative assessments to adjust instruction.  

Principle #4:  Summative assessments should be accurate, current representations of what students know and can do relative to course standards,  undiluted by other measures such as work habits, behavior, attendance, purchase of various supplies, or extra credit. 

Principle #5:  Assessment practices should be aligned across the district, systematically communicated, and understood by all including parents and students.