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Notification Settings-How to Change

Change Your Notification Settings for Posts

You can customize your Post notifications based on type and delivery method. The Instant setting will send all Post notifications in real-time. The Digest setting will send all Posts for the day in one single digest at the end of the day (recommended.) 

Posts sent as immediate, as well as direct Messages and Alerts, will still be delivered instantly. For more on notification settings or to watch a video, click here.
  • From Home, click your name in the top-right corner and select My Account.
  • Select Notification Settings on the left. 
  • Choose your preferred Notification Settings for General Announcements & Messages (Off, Instant or Digest) and School Alerts (On or Off). 
Notification Settings
For more information on Notifications, you can go to the "Manage Your Notification Settings" in ParentSquare.  Click here for the Manage Your Notification Settings.  To view this article, you will need to login to ParentSquare.