Earlier today Governor Holcomb issued a new Executive Order of great impact to all Indiana schools. It included:

  • All Indiana schools will be closed for in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.
  • Districts will deliver remote instruction for the remaining instructional days.
  • School facilities (including grounds and playgrounds) will remain closed until further notice.
  • All high school seniors on track to graduate before school buildings were closed in ZCS on March 12, 2020 will be provided with the flexibility needed to earn an Indiana diploma. Others who are close will be assisted with the aim of moving toward completion this year if possible. 

I first published a revised calendar on March 20 (shown below) designed to carry us through to the school year’s end if in-person schooling was canceled by state authorities. The March 20 calendar meets state requirements communicated today, and it provides students at all levels our schools’ best possible remote learning opportunities.  


April & May 2020



  • The “Potential make-up days…” reference in the above calendar is no longer relevant.
  • ZCS eLearning will resume for two (2) days next week (Wednesday and Thursday) with Friday, May 1, 2020, as a waiver day/non-student day for teachers to complete attendance, grading, and planning.
  • During the remaining school weeks through the school year’s end on May 21, eLearning will be provided for students every Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off as waiver days/teacher workdays for attendance, grading, and planning.

Today’s announcement was certainly a sad one, especially for every member of the Class of 2020, many other students, every teacher looking forward to revisiting the relationships they’ve built with students, and parents who are handling so much while working from home and/or enduring pressures of financial strife from the sudden stoppage of much of the American economy.

Thank you to all parents, teachers, counselors, and other campus experts. You have discovered that doing school this way is harder than the other way. Thanks to students who remain resilient and continue working hard toward goals that we still have for academic growth—even while in this different mode of teaching and learning. 


ZCS leaders will continue to monitor information relevant to all students at all levels. Campus and teacher communications will augment periodic district updates as April and May unfold for all of us on this novel voyage as partners experiencing history.



  • Details about graduation requirements for seniors
  • Information for middle level students and high school (non-senior) students in credit bearing classes currently underway
  • Summer Eagle Recreation and Enrollment camps and classes are now on hold until further notice
  • Ideas related to electronic Commencement for the Class of 2020
  • Information about student materials left in lockers since our closure on April 12

There is just so much more. We will get there. Thank you for your patience. Literally everything is a new set of logistics that we will be building in the coming days.



  • Teacher and/or counselor eLearning content for students will be made available each eLearning day by 9:00AM via the student learning management system, Canvas, beginning again on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.
  • Food assistance is still available with a form for sign-up on the ZCS eLearning web page at https://www.zcs.k12.in.us/apps/pages/elearning.
  • SchoolPay News: ZCS cafe auto payments have been turned off so that school lunch customers’ accounts will not be auto charged. (These payments can be easily restarted when the new 2020-2021 school term begins.)

Worry is visited upon all of us at this time—and loss is real, too, from the sting of lost opportunity for senior year traditions, loved ones or friends imperiled right now by CoVID-19 illness, and the interruption of financial stability for so many. Uncertainty is everywhere, but there is a bit of normalcy in school that continues on a predictable schedule with caring teachers and others to support the community’s youth.


ZCS team members care about the community’s children and everyone else. Thanks for being our partners. Thanks for supporting local businesses, public safety pros, and the heroes in health care and science who will ultimately deliver us from this global health menace.

Our facilities are closed to the public. So, there's that--and this other stuff, too! We love you, but we're closed. There has been a skeleton crew at our Educational Services Center this week for package delivery and critical (socially distanced) meetings about our new school design, essential repairs to be done this summer, and so on, but we are not open to the public.  Sorry.
Kindergarten Round-Up! Uh, nope. We are going to be registering our newest little Eagles online this year (starting next Monday) with the hope of doing an event to welcome all new families in the late summer.
This afternoon we learned that Advance Placement (AP) course tests will utilize NO face-to-face testing. AP testing will occur but will be administered via computers on two separate dates yet to be announced. Test length will be approximately 45 minutes and focus on material normally taught by early March. Further details will be shared when available.
The state has canceled all state testing for the 2019-20 school year.
Having April officially knocked outputs us to the May time frame for contemplating many hugely important events for the Class of 2020 (and others). We continue to evaluate options as we await clear information about what May and June will bring.