About Zionsville Community Schools

The mission in Zionsville Community Schools:  Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) provide customized 21st century experiences that ensure maximum student growth leading to productive citizenship in the world community.

About Zionsville Community Schools

Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) is among the top-performing school districts in the state of Indiana. Located just outside of Indianapolis and situated in the heart of Boone County, students and families benefit from vibrant downtown Indianapolis while enjoying the charm of Zionsville’s inviting main street and picturesque village.

ZCS is committed to providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment for students in prekindergarten through 12th grade. With nationally recognized STEM programs, award winning arts programs and a nationally-ranked athletics program, ZCS fosters the growth and development of every student.


Many of the state’s top educators choose to teach in Zionsville Community Schools. This ensures a high-quality educational experience for our students and a forward-thinking and energetic learning environment. Zionsville Community Schools proudly celebrates the richness of its community, where more than 60 native languages contribute to a truly global learning environment.


Our community

The Village      The Village

Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) is situated in the southeastern corner of Boone County, just 18 miles from downtown Indianapolis. The community boasts an inviting downtown main street, the picturesque Zionsville village, numerous parks, and scenic trails, including the Zionsville Rail Trail. With abundant recreational opportunities, our quaint town always offers something to do, making it a delightful place to call home. Our schools thrive because of supportive families, dedicated community members, and passionate local business owners who deeply care for our educators and children. ZCS embodies a close-knit community, and the Eagle spirit resonates. 


Town of Zionsville

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Learn more about Whitestown

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Everyone Belongs Here

Student-led and student-written statement has become the cultural expectation in ZCS.


Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) is a public school system for students from kindergarten through 12th grade in Eagle and Union townships within Boone County, Indiana. We embrace our Strong in Every Way (SIEW) initiative, which nurtures student growth and development. As a vital element of the SIEW program, our students have crafted an inclusive “Everyone Belongs Here” statement that captures their vision for the district’s culture. This statement is prominently showcased in classrooms throughout our school district.


The ZCS district is home to nine exceptional schools, each with its own unique character and charm.


Six (6) Elementary Schools


Boone Meadow Elementary School
Eagle Elementary School
Pleasant View Elementary School

Stonegate Elementary School
Trailside Elementary School
Union Elementary School


Two (2) Middle Schools


Zionsville Middle School
Zionsville West Middle School


One (1) High School

Zionsville Community High School