Canvas LMS Information

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that teachers use as a tool to enhance your child’s learning and to provide continual access to classroom tools. In order to create a parent observer account in Canvas, please go to the Canvas homepage and click on the link that says “Parent of a Canvas user? Click Here for an Account.” This is a four-step process:


1.      Create your account by entering your name, email, and the username and password for one of your children

2.      Open the Confirm Registration: Canvas email and click “Click here to finish the registration process”

3.      This will bring up the Canvas login screen where you will enter a new password of your choice, your Time Zone, and click Register

4.      You add additional student(s) by going to Settings, Observing


For more detailed instructions please refer to the following:

Important Notes:

  • In Canvas, the courses are NOT sorted by student. You will just see a list of all courses in which your student(s) are registered.

  • During this initial setup you will receive an e-mail from each teacher’s course when you first join (this may mean many e-mails if you have many students). 

  • Canvas does have grades listed but these grades only represent assignments/quizzes that have been graded within Canvas. Canvas does not include assignments/quizzes/tests completed outside of the Canvas tool.  To see overall grades for your child you will need to look in PowerSchool.