Curricular Materials (Textbook Rental) Information

Indiana Code (IC 20-26-12) authorizes school districts to assess fees for the use of curricular materials.  Payment for curricular materials (previously called textbook rental) is not included in your property taxes.


Curricular materials are utilized in the classroom to support a student’s learning.  These may include, but are not limited to:  textbooks, workbooks, classroom novels, online resources, and supplies (ex:  science lab chemicals, art supplies etc.).




What are the curricular materials rates for my student(s)?


Fees for elementary school curricular materials are grade-level based.  Middle and high school curricular materials fees vary based on the classes taken by each student.  These fees are based on the actual costs of what is provided to each student.  Fees are approved by the school board prior to statements being sent. 


Does the curricular materials fee cover the entire school year?


Elementary and Middle School curricular materials fees are billed for the entire school year. High school textbook rental fees are billed twice a year by semester.


I plan to move to Zionsville after the start of the school year.  Are the fees the same?


Curricular materials fees may be prorated depending on the date your student enrolls in our district.  Fees are calculated on a daily basis.  Consumable charges (workbooks, novels, supplies etc.) are not prorated.


I need to move out of Zionsville in the middle of the school year.  What happens to my fees?


Curricular materials fees may be prorated depending on the date of your student’s withdrawal.  Fees are calculated on a daily basis. Consumable charges (workbooks, novels, supplies etc.) are not typically prorated.


What if my student does a schedule change; adds or drops a class?


Curricular materials fees will be adjusted in accordance to the student’s schedule of classes. 

Consumable charges are typically not prorated unless the schedule change is done prior to the start of the semester.  A schedule change may result in an added charge or a credit balance on a student’s account depending on the student’s class selection(s).


When are curricular materials fees due?


Fee statements are emailed in stages related to the grade level of your student(s).   It is imperative your email address remains current.  Please contact your student’s administrative assistant to update your email address.  Curricular materials fees are to be paid in full within 30 days of receipt.  The typical schedule for emailing statements is:

  • Elementary (PK – 4) – August
  • Developmental PK – September
  • Middle School (5 – 8) – September
  • High School (9 – 12) – October (for Fall Semester) and January (for Spring Semester)

Curricular materials (textbook rental) fee statements can be viewed in PowerSchool.  Simply log into your PowerSchool parent account or your student’s PowerSchool account, and click on the BALANCE tab on the left side of the screen.  You will see your student’s itemized statement, payments made and current account balance. 

To login to your student's PowerSchool account, use the following credentials:

Username: firstname-lastname
Password: lunchcode

What are my payment options?

Payments can be made by credit card, cash or check.  Your fee statement email will outline the various payment methods.  If you do not receive a fee statement, please email or contact 873-2858, ext. 11270.

You may send a check with the bottom portion of your statement to:


Zionsville Community Schools

Attn:  Accounts Receivable

900 Mulberry Street

Zionsville, IN 46077

You may send one check for all children.  Please use your student(s) account numbers or name(s) in the reference field.

Additionally, you have the option to pay by credit card or electronic check by accessing SchoolPay, additional fee applies.  

What if I have a credit balance on my account?

If there is a credit balance on a student’s account as a result of a schedule change, overpayment on account, etc., the amount of the credit balance will automatically apply to the new assessed fees.  Credit balances will roll over to the next school year. 

Parents requesting a refund of a credit balance must send a request via email to 

What if I don’t pay the curricular materials fees?

ZCS will follow up with families whose book rental fees remain unpaid and work on a resolution to ensure the fees are paid in full.  Zionsville Community Schools works with Kinum, a licensed collection agency, for the collection of any school fees that are not paid in full by the end of the school year. Accounts sent to Kinum will incur an additional fee of $5.75.

What if my student loses a textbook?

Replacement books are available, but you will be charged the full replacement price of any book(s) or item(s) which are lost or damaged.  Students receiving textbook assistance must also pay for the replacement and/or repair of materials. 

Curricular Materials (Textbook) Assistance

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you are also eligible for free curricular materials.  You must apply for this program EACH school year that you are interested in curricular materials assistance at the following website:

Click on to complete your online application. 

Applications are available after July 1 each year.  You will be notified via email regarding your application status beginning the second week of August. 

Questions regarding textbook assistance should be directed to our Food Services department at (317) 873-1232.


The typical schedule for emailing statements is:

  • Elementary (PK – 4) – August
  • Developmental PK – September
  • Middle School (5 – 8) – September
  • High School (9 – 12) – October (for Fall Semester) and January (for Spring Semester)