Universal Preschool is full for the 2022-23 school year.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Universal Preschool designed to offer the 3-5 year old child an engaging enriching experience in a preschool setting. To register, go to EZ ChildTrack by going to:

News & Announcements:

GROW Handbook 2022-23

Universal Preschool will be located at:
  • Boone Meadow Elementary
  • Pleasant View Elementary
  • Eagle Elementary
  • Stonegate Elementary
  • Trailside Elementary
  • Union Elementary
Contact Information:
Universal Preschool Manager: Shelley Lantz, 317-873-1251 [email protected]
Universal Preschool Assistant Manager: Debbie Hainer, 317-873-2858 x11705 [email protected]
UP (GROW) EZChild Registration: Becca King, 733-4847 [email protected] 
DIRECTOR: Universal Preschool: Martha Farley 733-4842 [email protected]