Essential Rules of the Road

As a result of the significant reductions to school funding and to preserve core programs and appropriate class sizes, the ZCS Board of School Trustees adopted essential service level adaptations.  These changes in service, as referred to as “essential rules of the road”, will generate savings in transportation that will help to allow us to continue to maintain our professional ZCS staff of drivers and offer transportation to all students.  We regret any inconvenience these changes may cause. 


Day passes for alternate locations will not be permitted – all students must go to and from home only

Students will be transported to and from school from a single location only.

No out-of-zone transport – ZCS will only transport students to and from “daycares” that fall within the elementary district where the daycare is located only. NOTE: ZCS will only transport to Boys and Girls Club and ROCK for Pleasant View only as PVE is the district where these programs occur.

Special note: Boys and Girls Club and ROCK plan to transport students to all other elementary schools.  

HS Global/Main Line Stops – high school stops have been changed and reduced in order to make the high school routes more efficient.

Transportation for Special Education services is not impacted or reduced at all.