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Important 1:1 information for the 2022-2023 School Year

During the November 8 board meeting, ZCS school board members approved an updated 1:1 technology plan. Beginning in the fall next year (2022-2023 school year),  Zionsville Middle School (ZMS) and Zionsville West Middle School (ZWMS) will be using a staggered approach to transition into a 1:1 rental program that will eliminate the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  *These changes will only affect the current 4th grade class (class of 2030), students who are incoming 5th graders next year at ZMS and ZWMS.*


How it works.


Current 4th grade students (Class of 2030) will be required to rent a Lenovo 11e from ZCS for the start of their 5th grade year in 2022. Students in grades 6-8 will maintain their BYOD status for the 2022 school year so as not to interfere with already purchased devices.  All current middle school students who started with BYOD will have the option to maintain BYOD status throughout their middle school years. The chart below shows the staggered approach over the next four years as we transition out of BYOD and into this new rental program.

Class/Grade Level

School year

1:1 Computer Stepwise Timeline

Class of 2030 (Current 4th)


5th grade only

Class of 2031 (Current 3rd)


5th and 6th grades

Class of 2032 (Current 2nd)


5th, 6th, 7th grades

Class of 2033 (Current 1st)


5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades

For roughly the last decade, ZCS middle schools have operated a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) 1:1 computing system.  The increase in student enrollment, state mandated tests, network security measures and in-class digital operations have increased significantly during this time making our ability to run a BYOD program an unsustainable option.  Our overall goal is to improve the efficiency of our digital instruction in the classroom and increasing cybersecurity measures.  The wide variety of different computer models, operating systems, program versions often requires students and teachers to stop lessons and troubleshoot all these different systems.  While this time is often not long, the missed instructional time and frustration does begin to add up over the course of a semester.  With all students on the same model, we can increase efficiency in the classroom for both students and teachers while being able to get incredibly specific with our professional development around technology in the classroom.   
  • The rental fee will be a cost of $132.00 to $135.00 per year. The final rental costs will be available after the funding and purchasing has occurred and the School Board can vote on fees. 
  • We will be working with a 3rd party vendor for optional accidental insurance.  More information to come soon. 
  • The ZCS Technology Department is a fully certified Lenovo workshop.  This means we have a parts depot for quick repair times at a cost of the market value item needing repaired.  Click the following link for a breakdown of the repair costs
The devices will be handed out at "back to school" events or within the first days of school.  We will collect devices at the end of school for reimaging and repair over summer break.  
Please reach out to Dan Layton at

ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen)

Tough enough to handle whatever comes its way

ThinkPad laptops are tested against 12 military-grade requirements and pass more than 200 durability tests. Additionally, the ports are reinforced and rubber bumpers protect against damage to corners. The keyboard is water-resistant and houses mechanically-anchored keys to prevent restless little fingers from prying them off. But should an accident occur, this tough device is built to withstand bumps and drops from up to almost 3 feet / 90 cm—about the height of a school desk.


Easier to carry than many text books

Built for teachers and students on the go. Between home and school, students and teachers have a lot of places they have to be every day. Starting at 1.36 kg / 2.99 lbs, the new ThinkPad 11e laptop is light enough so they can get on with their day without feeling bogged down.


Leave the power cord at home

Backpack, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and more—students have enough to keep up with every day. No need to add a power cord to that list. With up to 12 hours* of battery life, the ThinkPad 11e will last for a full day of classes and more. Bring it home, charge it up overnight, and forget the cord all over again the next day!

* All battery life claims are approximate and based on results using both the MobileMark® 2014 battery-life benchmark tests on the low-power FHD display panel.  Actual battery life will vary and depends on many factors such as product configuration and usage, software use, wireless functionality, power management settings, and screen brightness. The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and use. 

Overhead shot of Lenovo ThinkPad 11e with extra-rugged corners, mechanically anchored keys, and ports.
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen) education laptop open 90 degrees, angled right.
Left-side view of Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen) education laptop open 90 degrees.
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen) education laptop open 90 degrees, showing full battery icon.