2020-2021 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
  • Device with keyboard
  • 8 GB of RAM recommended (4 GB minimum)
  • 120GB SSD or 128GB HDD minimum
  • Not a preferred device: IPad, Tablet, Chromebook
Software Requirements
  • Operating System:
    1. Windows 10, 8.1, and no Windows 10S.
    2. Mac 10.13 High Sierra or later
    3. Chrome OS 78 (Chromebooks not supported with Project Lead the Way applications)
    4. Linux OS not recommended
  • Browsers:
    1. Safari 12 (minimum)
    2. Chrome 78 (minimum)
    3. Firefox 71 (minimum)
Other Items to Consider in finding the right device...
  • A protective case is highly recommended.
  • Laptop weight and size (carried all day to classes)
  • Is there a warranty if the device is damaged? Is it covered under homeowner's insurance?
  • Antivirus needed? At no cost, students can download the Avast https://www.avast.com/en-us/index) or AVG https://www.avg.com.
  • A list of required and suggested applications is available here. This includes information on how to access free downloads of Office 2016.
  • If a problem occurs with the device at home or at school, a loaner from ZCS is available.
Although ZCS does not recommend a brand of laptop, if you have a questions about a device you are considering, please email us at zcstech@zcs.k12.in.us.
Getting your BYOD Device Ready for our Network
Chromebooks are not a well suited device in the ZCS instructional environment for many reasons.
  • Chromebooks constantly lose connection to our WiFi due to our SSL decryption certificate software needed to stay CIPA(Children's Internet Protection Act) compliant. 
  • Because we are an Office 365 based school and our teachers use a multitude of Office products like Word, OneNote, etc in class, it is time consuming, cumbersome, and sometimes impossible process to the get the Chromebooks to utilize these tools and important class time instruction is often lost due to these issues for our students.  Over the course of the year, a 5 minute daily process to the get Chromebooks to run some of these tools could add up to 3 days worth of lost instruction!
  • Chromebooks simply do not work with some of the program in classes such as PLTW and Art courses. 
  • Google cloud print will be discontinued on Dec 31st of 2020 which make printing from Chromebooks impossible in our current environment.