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Building School Culture

The work of building school culture in which students and staff are safe, heard, engaged, and can thrive is never done. Through collaboration, we strive to foster trust that can lead to safe learning and working environments. School leaders are dedicated to creating a positive school climate where students and staff feel valued, cared for and respected. We feel strongly that school culture must be based upon strong, positive relationships, mutual respect and appreciation. We promote a collaborative environment where staff members and students can and should expect a very high level of engagement and shared understanding that leads to trust and “best performance” by all. We are all human, and are reminded that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. School adults model positive, healthy behaviors for students in an emotionally and physically safe space where students are encouraged to strive to be as strong in every way as possible. It is both our ongoing teaching and expectation that students will learn and make abundant use of the Golden Rule in showing respect and being respected in the safe places that are our school campuses. ZCS is a place where everyone has access to the support and services they need to succeed. Everyone belongs here.

Everyone Belongs Here