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Contingency Planning and Communication


CoVID-19 is still a relatively new situation that may present a variety of challenges in the future.

We will offer both in-person learning and remote learning based on individual student, staff and family needs. We have a virtual learning program ready to go should CoVID-19  force us to cease in-person instruction.

We are taking things one day at a time and will make needed changes.  This continues to be a time of needed flexibility by all.


CoVID-19 is a fluid situation with the possibility for unexpected changes or disruptions to normally established schedules and procedures. 


We want students and staff to have a positive experience in our buildings. We make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the entire ZCS student and staff population. We understand that there will be special circumstances that require individual treatment. Patience and flexibility will carry us through. We will communicate often. We will also listen. It is important that you know that your voice is heard and your thoughts respected.


Please follow eNexus for ongoing updates. Staff can refer to the Insider for the latest information. We will stay present on social media and send email updates as needed.


Please reach out to us when concerns arise or when you feel you need to have a conversation. We always prefer to communicate personally rather than to hear through someone else or find concerns voiced on social media that were not previously brought to our attention.


Thank you for partnering with us.