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Social, emotional, and mental wellness is imperative for students and staff to establish both a feeling of safety and engagement within the school community— In-Person and Remote. We ground ourselves in the understanding that in times of transition we are called to be creative and lean into meaningful relationships that foster a sense of community, build confidence, and help us thrive.  As we prepare to return to the place that brings joy to our lives, may we cultivate compassion and grace for ourselves, those we serve, and those we serve alongside. We model the traits of Strong in Every Way when we collaborate to move forward together!




By offering in-person and remote learning for our students, Zionsville Community Schools continues to focus on strong relationships and growth for our students--- our core mission. In-person learning occurs in a traditional classroom setting five days a week with mitigation strategies including wearing of masks, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning. Remote learning will occur synchronously and asynchronously.


Synchronous learning is an approach where teachers and students are engaged online in learning at the same time.  The teacher provides instruction and tasks through a video-conferencing program at a specific time.  For example, if your student has English first period at ZCHS, then your student would be online starting at 9:00 am for that class.  Asynchronous learning is when instruction and learning do not happen at the same time for all learners. The teacher provides learning resources and tasks in Canvas. Students access learning at a time that works for them and their family.


At ZCS, our remote option will require both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  If remote learning is your choice, then your student will learn in this environment for nine weeks for grades K-4 and a semester in grades 5-12.   


At the end of this commitment, you will have the opportunity to decide which learning environment will be best for your student for second quarter for K-4 and second semester for 5-12.    


The reason for the difference in length of commitment is due to our youngest learners needing the most direct literacy and numeracy instruction and our older learners having semester long courses, credits, and needing consistency of instruction.    ZCS is committed to meeting our students’ physical, social, and emotional health needs --- our students will be Strong in Every Way possible!




In accordance with the recommendation from BCHD and guidance from local health experts, we have developed a new middle and high school schedule that allows for the implementation of the strategies suggested by BCHD so that in the future we may have the opportunity to have all ZCS students back in schools at the same time . (Details of the new schedule are shown below in table format.)


The start time for all secondary school days will be 9:00AM (as noticed last week).


The elementary start time will remain at 8:00AM (with Kindergarten starting at 9:00AM).


Students in ZCS secondary schools will see the following features of their weekly school schedule. Remote students will be online for all days of instruction.


Monday is an all online day for middle and high school students.


Monday will operate on a seven-period schedule.


Tuesday through Friday will rotate separate cohorts of students (Cohort A = Students with last names A-K;  Cohort B = Students with last names L-Z) on a block schedule that will look as follows:


  • Tuesday and Wednesday: ONLY Cohort A students attend in person
  • Tuesday Schedule: first four of eight block periods (Green Day)
  • Wednesday Schedule: second four of eight block periods (Silver Day)
  • All remote and Cohort B students participate in the same schedule online
  • Thursday and Friday: ONLY Cohort B students attend in person
  • Thursday Schedule: first four of eight block periods (Green Day)
  • Friday Schedule: second four of eight block periods (Silver Day)
  • All remote and Cohort A students participate in the same schedule online


All in person elementary students will attend in person every school day.

All remote elementary students will attend remotely each day with their designated, ZCS instructor at the lead.


Following are tables/exhibits depicting important information complementary to narrative descriptions shown above.






Important Terms and Other Information to Know:



Students who always receive instruction at home (based on parental choice). Secondary remote students will be instructed synchronously by logging in to their scheduled classes at the appropriate times. Elementary remote students will be assigned to a designated remote-only teacher who will lead their group’s instruction.



These are students who come to school for some or all of their instruction (based upon parent choice). At the middle and high school levels, in-person students are designated to be in one or the other of two cohorts as follows:



  • Secondary students with last names A-K.
  • These students are learning online on Mondays when we are in the mid or high categories for scheduling.
  • These students are in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.These students are online (synchronously) on Thursdays and Fridays.



  • Secondary students with last names L-Z.
  • These students are learning online on Mondays when we are in the mid or high categories for scheduling.
  • These students are online (synchronously) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • These students are in person on Thursdays and Fridays.




In the table just above, the word “Home” is used to indicate that members of this cohort are learning from home on the designated days, and in a synchronous day. That is, they will participate in the green day and silver day rotations of class periods by logging on at home during the designated periods as driven by the bell schedule.




All students will log in to their assigned classes as per the published bell schedule when learning from home. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.




We are still awaiting some supplies and equipment, so we will announce the plan for this prior to the start of school.




As a means to facilitate this newest wrinkle in our CoVID-19 journey, we have made some important calendar changes.


  • First day of school for students is Monday, August 10.
  • Back to School Days for middle schools and high school will move to July 30 and 31. Additional details will be supplied to parents by principals.
  • The elementary Meet the Teacher Night moves from July 31 to August 6.
  • The four instructional days missed by moving our start date will be taken from the February break week that was to be new in this year’s school calendar. Four of those days will become instructional days for students and staff (February 16-19) and Monday, February 15th will be a non-student and non-staff day. We chose not to upset the Fall Break schedule at this juncture because we are unclear about what our needs will be as we move into October.




The Boone County Health Department advised that our athletic programs following the IHSAA phases of implementation remain in Phase I until their review of data on July 31.




BCHD has utilized a variety of data points in their work to assist us in handling the CoVID-19 crisis since last February. We will continue to consult with BCHD about how we navigate the balance of this challenge.




Face coverings are required for students and staff on all ZCS campuses. Crocheted masks (with open holes) are not be permitted.




Shown below are our schedule plans when success in controlling disease spread allows a five-day per week in-person middle and high school schedule--or when continued slide will likely result in the recommendation of all-online school for ZCS.









Zionsville Community High School is excited to welcome the class of 2024 to the ZCHS family. We know that the transition to high school is a very important step in the educational journey of students, and we are committed to helping every student find personal success with their transition to ZCHS. We are offering the following opportunities to assist in the transition process:


Eagle Kick Off 2020

Our Eagle Kick Off program for new students this year will be imbedded into the Back To School Days (registration) process on July 31st.  As students go through the traditional Back To School stations, there will be Eagle Kick-Off Mentors (EKOM’s) positioned around the campus to offer assistance and answer questions. These student leaders will be wearing a neon Pink EKOM Mentor T-shirt to make them easily identifiable. These students are all prepared to answer your questions and help our new students navigate the building. In addition, the EKOM’s will help facilitate a scavenger hunt type activity where new students will learn more about the culture and operations of ZCHS.


Welcome to ZCHS PowerPoint

We will publish an informational PowerPoint on the ZCHS home page by the end of July: We hope that this PowerPoint will answer many questions you might have about the daily life at ZCHS.


Feel free to contact ZCHS Assistant Principal, Greg Hall at or 317-873-3355 x 62999 if you have any questions about these opportunities or about the transition process to Zionsville Community High School.


Zionsville Community High School is excited to welcome the class of 2024 to the ZCHS family.




The Zionsville Community Middle Schools are very excited for our Back to School days on July 30th and July 31st.   During Back to School Days, students should come ready to have their school picture taken and receive their class schedule.  Students may walk their schedule, get into their assigned locker, and put school supplies in their lockers.   In order to incorporate social distancing, our families will be assigned a specific time frame to come to school. 


Additional details coming soon from your school!




The Zionsville Community Elementary Schools are very excited to be able to offer “Meet the Teacher” events at each location prior to the start of the 20-21 school year. As always, our “Meet the Teacher” events are an opportunity for students to come to their campus, locate their classroom, drop-off any school supplies, and briefly meet his or her teacher. In order to incorporate social distancing, we have extended the duration of time for our “Meet the Teacher” events, and our families will be assigned a specific 30-minute time frame for participating.    We look forward to seeing you on August 6th between 3:00 – 6:30 pm.   


Additional details coming soon from your school!




If you are selecting remote instruction for your child, and your child has an IEP, please contact Mrs. Casey Allen at Your child’s case conference committee will convene to discuss services and remote instruction.


If you are selecting remote instruction for your child, and your child has an ILP, please contact Mrs. Maggie Ioannacci at Your child’s ENL teacher will meet with you to discuss English Language services and remote instruction.