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Food Service



As the school year starts, menu options and food service will be limited until such time that expanded modifications are deemed appropriate.


  • ZCS Food Service Staff will adhere to the same health screening and reporting as all other ZCS employees.
  • Social distancing is expected as is the use of face masks by staff and protective shields at the cash register.
  • Designated spots, in six foot increments, will be established in the serving lines for both food service staff and students.
  • Food Service Associates and others monitoring in the café will provide reminders of social distancing.
  • Food Service options, including breakfast, lunch, and after school snack service are all subject to modification as follows:


Breakfast Service


  • Provided at ZCHS, ZMS, and ZWEST and available to any secondary student.
  • Menu options, when appropriate, will be packaged for ease of selection.
  • Accessible for pick up in the cafeteria a minimum of 15 minutes before school.
  • This procedure will be evaluated on a weekly basis to determine if modifications are needed. 


Lunch Service


  • Menu options provided by the Food Service Department will be limited to a minimum of four cold lunch choices for the month of August and will be expanded when appropriate.
  • Each meal will be pre-packaged and will adhere to the nutritional guidelines of the National School Lunch Program which in part require the following components:


Meat/Meat Alternate, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable and Milk:


  • Examples of cold lunch choices:
  • Special Salad
  • Turkey Sub Sandwich
  • Protein Pack
  • Bagel and Yogurt
  • Yogurt Parfait
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Menu Orders


Food selections will be pre-ordered in the elementary and in secondary sites when students are eating in the classroom.


For students eating in the cafeteria


  • Meal items will be packaged and students will select their lunch and proceed to the checkout where they will verbally provide their name to the cashier.  The lunch purchase will be deducted from the student’s account.
  • Table surfaces will be cleaned by the ZCS Food Service Staff and other lunchroom supervisors.


For students eating in the classroom


  • Based upon the pre-orders, meal items will be packaged and either delivered to the specific classroom OR be available for pick up by a non-food service individual (i.e. classroom aide, student, teacher, etc.)
  • Meals will be charged based upon the list sent by the teacher earlier in the day.
  • If modifications are needed, the manager is the appropriate contact.
  • In most instances, Universal Preschool and Riviera Daycare will eat in their classrooms.


Pin Pad Usage for Purchases


  • At this time, Pin Pad use will not occur by customers.
  • Students will state their name during the checkout process.


Seating for lunch consumption


  • ZCS Cafeterias will operate using 50-65% of their seating capacity and will arrange for assigned seating in the
    cafeteria when feasible.
  • The remaining students will eat in other pre-established areas which enhance social distancing, such as classrooms.
  • When possible and at the teacher’s discretion, students will eat outside at a previously established area, separate from playground area to ensure social distancing.


After School Snacks


  • Prior to CoVID-19, this service was provided at Zionsville Community High School, Zionsville Middle School and Zionsville West Middle School.
  • The after school snack options will continue at the secondary schools with limited items available and weekly monitoring for necessary modifications.


A la Carte Items

  • These items will be available, yet the selection will initially be limited.  With continued monitoring, these options may be expanded in the future.


Account deposits

  • Credit Card Payments -fastest option at
  • Checks -- Please note student name and PIN# on each check.
  • Cash -- Please place in an envelope with student name and PIN# on the envelope.




Elementary Level

  • Checks/Cash are given to teachers and then sent to café manager.


Secondary Level

  • Checks are placed in a marked container by the checkout area.
  • As always, no meal will be denied based upon a lunch balance.
  • Hygiene breaks for proper hand washing are encouraged before and after lunch.
  • Food Sharing as well as Food Rescue efforts will not be permitted.
  • Certain items such as cereal and syrup are not being served in the classrooms.
  • Microwaves are not available in the cafeterias or classrooms. This is to eliminate shared equipment that may not be properly cleaned between uses.
  • Water bottles from home are permitted as is the refilling of bottles at the Water Refill Stations. This is encouraged as the water fountains will be shut off. Plastic, disposable water cups will be available for student use.
  • Lunches may be brought from home. Please be advised that we do have students with allergies.
  • Milk will be available for purchase in the cafeteria.
  • Meal options for those students enrolled in remote learning may be available.