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CoVID-19 Protocol

The ZCS Board of School Trustees recently updated our CoVID-19 operations plan.  Please review the details below as we prepare for a great year together!


All plans for the start of school on August 3, 2021 are subject to change.

  1. Masks are required indoors until further notice.

  2. Mask wearing is required by all persons on all school transportation until further notice.

  3. All masking and other protocols are subject to change.

  4. ZCS will not require vaccination for any staff or student until further notice.

  5. All instruction-based visitors (tutors, private music lessons, guest speakers, etc.) will be required to complete a C-19 Waiver, and their access to campus is subject to change.

  6. Mitigation strategies of increased ventilation, cleaning, and hand washing/sanitizing will continue as practiced last school year.

  7. Cafeterias and transportation for students will operate at full capacity.

  8. Guests are not allowed to have lunch at school with a student until further notice.

  9. Related arts will hold classes in their classrooms.

  10. Per Governor Holcomb's Executive Order on September 1, 2021, in settings, such as classrooms or on the school bus, where all students are wearing masks, close contacts who are within three feet of positive case will be notified to monitor for symptoms for 14 days. Those students will continue in school as long as no symptoms develop. If symptoms develop, students must isolate and obtain testing whether or not fully vaccinated.

  11. Close contacts within six feet of a positive case and in an unmasked setting (i.e. lunchroom, band) must quarantine with one of the below options.

    • Quarantine for 14 days (no test required).

    • Quarantine for seven days with negative test (PCR or rapid test done in lab) on days five, six or seven. Return on day eight if no symptoms develop.

    * Unless fully vaccinated or previously ill with CoVID-19 within the previous three months and recovered, and without any symptoms.

  12. All quarantined and isolated students will access instruction/lessons asynchronously via Canvas and/or Enboard SSO portal while away from the classroom. Arrangements may be made with the classroom teacher and/or school principal for the supply of assignments for students who will be absent from school more than two days.

  13. Unless otherwise communicated in the case of CoVID-19 community spread, there will be no event restrictions or permissions required from local health authorities until further notice.

  14. Vaccination status of students and adults will not be known to ZCS unless a CoVID-19 positive case and close contact situation calls vaccination status into question (regarding quarantine or isolation need or duration).

  15. Parents should keep ill children at home and report CoVID-19 symptoms and positive test results to the child’s school.

  16. Parents may refer to this link for current symptoms to monitor.

  17. Siblings of ill children with pending CoVID test results should remain home until results or an alternative diagnosis is received.

  18. The Superintendent and/or designee(s) are authorized to make CoVID-19 protocol adjustments in safety practices of any kind to include, but not limited to, school scheduling, closure, masking and social distancing, limits upon event size and/or participation specifics until further notice.

This virus, its variants, the inconveniences, and the real devastation to some individuals’ health have not ended, and our school board and leadership team will continue to exercise their responsibilities to implement the school program in accordance with public health and governmental officials’ guidance and/or directive(s).


Parents: Please keep ill children at home and report CoVID-like symptoms immediately.