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CoVID-19 Protocol

Revised August 1, 2022

Following is the CoVID-19 district “in school” plan. ZCS has been in school continuously on the board’s approved calendar (pre-K-4) since August 10, 2020. During the 2020-2021 school year, grades 7-12 were in school each week on a staggered schedule until all returned every school day in spring of 2021. Grades pre-K-12 have been continuously in session on approved school calendar days since the 2021-2022 school year. Public input/comment on CoVID-19 plans has been robust in public meetings and via electronic means.  

  1. Masks are recommended but not required indoors or on school transportation until further notice.  All masking and other protocols are subject to change.
  2. Mitigation strategies of increased ventilation, cleaning, and hand washing/sanitizing will continue as practiced last school year.
  3. Cafeterias and transportation for students will operate at full capacity.
  4. Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) removed contact tracing as a requirement for Indiana schools effective February 23, 2022. As of this update there are no quarantine requirements, though CoVID-19 positive individuals are still expected to isolate for five (5) days from onset of symptoms or a positive test if asymptomatic. Parents are asked to report CoVID-19 positives via our website CoVID Reporting Button until further notice. The reporting mechanism has been updated to continue accepting positive case reports without seeking contact tracing information.
  5. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must stay home and isolate for five (5) days if they test positive for COVID-19.  If symptoms have improved and the individual has been fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication, the individual may resume activities such as school/work on day six (6).  Please note:  The first day of symptoms (or the day the test is drawn if asymptomatic) is day zero (0).  Please report positive results to the school via the COVID reporting tool found on the ZCS website.
  6. Unless otherwise communicated in the case of CoVID-19 community spread, there will be no event restrictions or permissions required from local health authorities until further notice.
  7. Parents should keep ill children home.  Parents may refer to this link for current CoVID-19 symptoms to monitor.
  8. The Superintendent and/or designee(s) are authorized to make CoVID-19 protocol adjustments in safety practices of any kind to include, but not limited to, school scheduling, closure, masking and social distancing, limits upon event size and/or participation specifics until further notice.

Our school board and leadership team will continue to exercise their responsibilities to implement the school program in accordance with public health and governmental officials’ guidance and/or directive(s) in ways that best facilitate keeping students in school for in-person instruction.


Parents: Please keep ill children at home and report CoVID-like symptoms immediately.