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Food For Thought - October 2019

Strong Communities Gather. Strong Communities Talk. Strong Communities Act.

Zionsville Community School hosted the first Food for Thought dinner discussion. Families came together to talk about the definition of community and how that definition has changed over time. There will be more opportunities to be a part of the conversation. Dinner dates will be announced soon.

Strong in Every Way Field Day



This year's "Field Day" will focus on:

  • Building webs of support within the community
  • Promoting wellness
  • Developing community pride


The morning event schedule:

  • 8:30am DanceFit by Erin in the St. Vincent Stadium
  • 9am Competition begins with 30-minute rotations: Kickball, CornHole, 4-Square, Track Relays, Tug-Of-War, and Inner Tube Relays in the pool!
  • 12:30pm Awards ceremony at the pool!
Kicking off kindergarten the ZCS way…ZCS Superintendent Scott Robison invited incoming kindergarten students to race him while he pedaled the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library book bike around the stadium track over the weekend. This followed the Strong in Every Way Field Day (highlights to come).
It was a great day and a fun opportunity to welcome our newest Eagles who will come through our doors on Wednesday. If you see new kindergarten students around the community be sure to tell them how much they are going to love kindergarten! It’s always exciting to welcome a new class of Eagles!