Technology Department » 2021-22 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Requirements

2021-22 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Requirements

Hardware Requirements
  • Device with keyboard
  • 8 GB of RAM recommended (4 GB minimum)
  • 128GB HDD minimum
  • Not a preferred device: IPad, Tablet, Chromebook
Software Requirements
Other Items to Consider in finding the right device...
  • A protective case is highly recommended.
  • Laptop weight and size (carried all day to classes)
  • Is there a warranty if the device is damaged? Is it covered under homeowner's insurance?
  • Antivirus needed? At no cost, students can download the Avast or AVG
  • A list of required and suggested applications is available here. This includes information on how to access free downloads of Office 2016.
  • If a problem occurs with the device at home or at school, a loaner from ZCS is available.
Although ZCS does not recommend a brand of laptop, if you have a questions about a device you are considering, please email us at